"Sometimes I would like to ask God, why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it... but I'm afraid He might ask me the same question." Anonymous

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update on Viola our sponsored child

 is the Ugandan child
 we sponsor through
 Compass in my Heart

She and her sister-Rittah moved in with the missionary because her Grandmother could not afford to feed them.  I received this post from Christie(the missionary) today:

Sweet Rittah. We're fostering her and her sister, Viola. Viola's sponsor sent us some money to get them both clothes, as they came into our home with nothing but the outfit they had on and their school uniforms. They were malnourished but are quickly eating us out of house and home. Last night, as I sat on the other end of Skype Video, I watched as George hand Rittah a new shirt, size 10/12, but only because she's so tall for a 7 yr old. Wanna guess what size shorts she wears?  3T

In America we find it hard to believe that a 7 year old wears a size 10/12 shirt but is so thin she is in size 3 toddler shorts, but this is the reality for the kids in Bugaboo Village. 

Consider sponsing a child today. 

you can learn how you too can
support a child for ONLY $100.00 a YEAR! 
For that $100.00 they will go to school,
 receive a school uniform,
 one meal a day,
 school books/supplies,
 and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 
Can you spare .27 CENTS A DAY? 
You too can CHANGE a childs life.
Kids like Viola and Rittah are counting on US! 

Thank you and love,
Angi,Tim & Viola

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our adoptive friends home-coming story

Our AWAA friends Jen & Brandon Hatmaker now have their children home together.  Thank you God for answered prayers.  Go to:

to see their home coming video.

Be inspired to let God make a difference through YOU too!

Angi & Tim

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 year wait for our daughter and counting

Hello Cooper friends,

This Friday (8/19/11)
1 year
since our paperwork was sent to Ethiopia. 
We are requesting your prayers.

This Momma and Daddy are ready to see our daughters face.
Aerie's room is ready for her;  her clothes are washed and folded neatly in her drawers, toys line her closet shelves, books are ready to be read, anxious relatives are excited to meet her, friends wait to play, and our arms ache to hold her. Donations are packed and ready for us to take to the Ethiopian Orphanages as well.
We are making a place for her just as Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us.
We have prepared a place for Aerie.
Our home is ready for whenever God chooses to bring her home to us.

Please raise us up in your prayers along with Aerie. We know God is sovereign and we trust HIS timing, even so we are keenly aware that the powers of evil want nothing more than for this precious child to remain an orphan.

we are calling on you to join us in raising this matter up to God in prayer.
Will you joining us in praying that God himself covers our girl with HIS love,
that HE holds her when she cries and protects her from the storm.

Please remember to pray for her biological family too as they make the hard decision to place her in the orphanage. 
Pray they feel God's peace in their decision.

We love you Aerie Paige...
wherever you are may you feel how
VERY loved YOU are!
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Story from Dadaab, Kenya

You can help save lives in the Horn of Africa.

It was the hole in the ground that got me. It was as deep as it was wide. It was carved, bit by bit, into brick red earth by men wielding shovels and farming tools. The hole didn't have to be too big — just 4' x 4'. It was for a child.

His name was Ibrahim, and he was 3 years old. Ibrahim had come from Somalia with his family seeking shelter, food, water, and medicine. They had arrived days before at Dadaab in eastern Kenya — the world's largest refugee camp. Ibrahim died at a clinic just as Dadaab was registering its 400,000th refugee — most from Somalia — 70 percent of the new arrivals due to drought.

We met Ibrahim's aunt on the windy plains of the camp and she told us about Ibrahim. "He couldn't survive the journey," she said.

I have covered drought and hunger in Kenya for five years now. In October 2008, I lived with a family in Turkana, Kenya, today one of the worst-hit areas in the Horn of Africa. But even then it was bad. The land was barren. Livestock, worth their weight in gold to pastoralist families, had died. I ate what the family ate for five days — relief supplies that amounted to about a cup of food per day. I wanted to see what hunger felt like.
Ibrahim's aunt, Isnino, sits with her baby at Dadaab camp in Kenya. She says her food is finished and that she will have to beg from relatives. "I am worried about the future for myself and my family," she shares.

Workers prepare the grave for 3-year-old Ibrahim, who died from hunger. He is the third child they are burying today.

Not having enough food sapped me of strength and curiosity. I could do little more than sit in the family's hut all day, shielding my skin from the scorching sun. With my energy sapped, I saw hunger in a new way — as a killer of the things inside a person, the will that enables one to persevere.

I am back in the Horn of Africa three years later to cover a drought that seems to have no end.

I returned to Turkana last week, where World Vision is feeding malnourished children nutritious Plumpy'nut™ and providing food and water for their families. The situation is worse than before. I tried to make eye contact with some of the 500 mothers waiting for food in scant shade. But the light had gone out of their eyes. They had no interest in interacting. The drought had finally taken its toll on their steely spirits.

The Turkana mothers' apathy was distressing, but it was the hole in the ground at Dadaab refugee camp that did me in.

Traveling from the camp to a room where I slept in a bed instead of under a tent made of sticks, I thought about that hole and the child, Ibrahim, who would be tenderly placed inside. The brick-red dirt would be replaced. His grave would be topped with thorn bushes to keep the wild animals from desecrating his body. Ibrahim's child-sized mound of earth would join the fresh graves of two other children buried that day in the makeshift cemetery.

Rumbling over the rutted roads, staring out the window at dry land littered with cattle carcasses, I thought about that hole.

And how its size so perfectly matched the empty space inside me.

In Him,

Kari Costanza
World Vision

Kari Costanza, World Vision International's global editor, has touched countless hearts with stories from her trips to Africa. As this recent crisis accelerated, Kari, an award-winning journalist, went to the Horn of Africa once again to witness the suffering of children and parents and the hope that World Vision offers. You can help provide life-saving food and other essentials to starving children in the Horn of Africa.

Friday, August 12, 2011

$4,030 rasied in 1 day!

THANK YOU FRIENDS!  Your generosity astounds me! 

This just goes to show what a few people banding together can do. 

$4,030 of relief to the people of Africa.

  I am blown away.... amazed.

I thank you on behalf of them...


and him

and him

Thank you for being HIS hands and HIS feet to our world.

God bless you!

In awe of what GOD has done through you,
Angi & Tim

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Donation plea for famine relief- today's fundraiser blitz

Please conside a gift to Famine or orphan relief today. 

Go to:

Our African brothers and sisters are counting on us.  Together we CAN change the world...

"He shall cover thee with His feathers,
and under His wings shalt thou trust;
His truth shall be thy shield and buckler".

Bless you for caring!
Angi & Tim

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday's the day! Famine Relief Fundraiser

Please donate what you can to provide relief to our brothers and sisters in Africa.

They are counting on us! 

 to help.

Help us support

 those working to

provide relief in

the Horn of Africa.   

Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are currently in the grips of the worst drought and famine in decades. Today, more than eleven million people are in need of food assistance, and unfortunately, the situation is only expected to get worse in the coming months.

A beautiful Ethiopian girl Child with beautiful smiles
As Ethiopian adoptive parents, we are desperate to reach out and help those in this region.

These are our children's people,

  and we owe it to them to do all we can to help.

I love Africa

Please help us by donating today.

Thank you for caring,
Angi & Tim Cooper

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Famine Relief Fundraiser this THURSDAY!

We are sure you have heard about the terrible famine that is happening in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.  
Thousands of starving children and families
The numbers may seem too high to imagine we could make a difference...
 but we can!
  A dollar here, a dollar there, we can be a force for change.

  Can we count of you?

Can they?


We are asking that all our friends donate a few dollars.

  Together we CAN make a difference!

The cost is too high to do nothing...

Linton natives Brandy & Logan Wade are creating a Famine Fundraiser Blog where caring people can donate tax deductible gifts through reputable organizations. 
Can you spare $1.00, $5.00, or more?  Every little bit helps

BIG Fundraising Day
 is this
 Thursday(8/14/11) 6 am - 9 pm.

Stay turned!
  I will post the fundraiser site address Wednesday evening.

  For now...Please pray about giving to our brothers and sisters in Africa.
(Note if you give $25 or $50 you can choose to receive a gift while supplies last) 

God bless you for caring,
Angi & Tim

Friday, August 5, 2011

Please pray for Viola our Ugandan daughter

We have 2 daughters we sponsor.  One is Viola who lives in Uganda with her grandmother as her parents are deceased.  Viola is a beautiful girl who lives in Bugabo Village.  I emailed Christie wondering how Viola is and here is what she said:

"Oh. My. Goodness. Angi. Sweet Viola. She is part of our choir. Just a couple of days ago, George noticed she was really weak during practice so he took her home. What he found when he got there was that her grandmother, who is the caretaker for all of several of her grandchildren, has been sick for some time and unable to work. All of the children were in poor condition with Viola and her little sister in worse condition than any of the others. He took them to the hospital to receive treatment and they have been staying in our home ever since. It's been a rough couple days and I wanted to ensure she was OK until I let you know. You can send the things to me, as we are deciding whether or not they will be moving into our home for a longer period of time other than what is required to get them stable. "

Please pray for sweet Viola's health as well as her families.  Life is hard in Uganda but sweet people like Christie are bringing life to the lost through there work at Bugabo.

If you would like to sponsor a child at Bugabo go to www.compassinmyheart.blogspot.com .

Angi and Tim
(if you want to see a picture of Viola, she is in my pictures on Facebook)

Current time in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa

Adoption Time-line

02/02/10- Ethiopia adoption application & fee sent.

02/17/10- Accepted into America Worlds Ethiopia Program!

02/20/10- Paid initial AWAA program fee.

Start paper chase...

03/02/10- Ordered our birth certificates.

03/02/10- Spoke w/and chose GLAD as Home-Study Agency.

03/03/10- Got Angi's employeement & life ins. verification.

03/04/10- Received Tim's birth cert. in mail.

03/04/10- Went to courthouse, got Marriage Cert.

03/05/10- Received Angi's birth cert. in mail.

03/05/10- Scheduled Tim's phys. letter doctor appt.for 3/8

03/08/10- Mailed GLAD application letter & fee.

03/10/10- Ethiopia made big change- 2 trips required now.

03/11/10- Rec'd GLAD/AWAA Post Placement Agreement.

03/11/10- Rec'd Tim's Health/Life Ins. letter.

03/12/10- Jack & Annie rabie shots/Home Study Requirment

03/13/10- Rosie & Sara rabie shots.

03/21/10- Began Hague on-line required training course.

03/22/10- GLAD beginning our background checks.

03/22/10- Our HIV tests and Tim's HEP B blood draw done.

03/23/10- Tim's TB Test scheduled for 3/30/10.

03/25/10- Notary notarized all paperwork we've collected.

03/26/10- Kyla, our social work came for 1st & 2nd home visi

03/26/10- Adoption Tax Credit raised to$13,100.00! Go God!

03/27/10- Kyla finished 3rd Home Study visit.

03/27/10- Finished family photo pages.

03/30/10- Tim rescheduled TB Test until 4/6/10.

03/31/10- Picked up Tim's HEP B test results.

04/02/10- Received Archie's referance letter.

04/06/10- Tim had TB test placed.

04/06/10- Angi got bloodwork records.

04/06/10- Re-did Financial Statement/faxed to AWAA.

04/09/10- Tim's TB test results- negative :)

04/10/10- Completed Hague On-line training course.

04/10/10- Dog vaccines done.

04/20/10- Faxed Florida CPS request to FL today.

05/03/10- Had our physical visits today.

05/26/10- Angi's bloodwork drawn.

05/28/10- Angi's bloodwork result- normal.

05/28/10- Tim's bloodwork drawn & normal result.

06/01/10- Our 14th Annivesary- Renee notarized physicals!

06/07/10- Picked up our physicals & faxed to GLAD/AWAA.

06/07/10- Found out GLAD rec'd FL CPS checks 6/4/10.

06/07/10- Requested Dr. letter for Angi.

06/10/10- Picked up & faxed Dr. letter to AWAA.

06/10/10- Waiting for AWAA to approve Home Study.

06/15/10- AWAA read Home Study & requested corrections.

06/23/10- GLAD corrected and sent H.S. back to AWAA.

06/24/10- AWAA approved our Home Study!

07/01/10- Got money order for final GLAD payment.

07/01/10- Met Klya/GLAD in Vincennes, got final HomeStdy

07/02/10- Mailed I-600A application & fee.

07/09/10- Renee notarized rest of Dossier paperwork.

07/09/10- Sent 2 papers to IN State Dept.for Authentication

07/12/10- Fed-Ex package received at IN State Dept.

07/13/10- We rec'd Authenticated papers in mail!

07/14/10- Rec'd Immigration Fingerprinting appt for 8/9/10

07/23/10- Went early-Immigration/Indy. for fingerprinting.

07/26/10- Called USCIS & left msg for Immigration Officer.

07/29/10- Officer Opfer called, USCIS back-logged 3 weeks.

08/05/10- Rec'd I-171H today!Thanks Officer Opfer-speedy

08/06/10- Renee notarized new MOWA letter & I-171H.

08/06/10- Got Cashier's check to go with Dossier.

Paper chase completed!

08/06/10- Shipped Dossier to AWAA by Fed-Ex.

08/10/10- AWAA received Dossier packet.

08/13/10- AWAA approved Dossier, maybe DTE next Fri?

08/13/10- Rec'd U.S.State letter stating I-600A sent to ET!

08/19/10- AWAA Fed-Ex'd our Dossier to Ethiopia!

08/25/10- Dossier arrived in Ethiopia today!

The WAIT begins...