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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Cost of Adoption VS. Cost of a Childs Life

Some say adoption prices are outrageous. 
Well, $23,000.00-$30,000.00 could seem outrageous. 
You want to know what we think is OUTRAGEOUS?  A people that use 86% of the worlds commodities then determines a child isn't worth $30,000.00 of adoption expenses VS. 143 million orphaned, starving, homeless, poor, lonely, and hopeless babies! 
God's children- children of the KING
Paying $23,000.00-$30,000.00 for a human VS. spending the same EASILY for a car, a trip, a boat, an education... (these are valid things to have, but so is a child)  
Do we sound angry?
 We think, dying, suffering, under nourished children OUGHT to make us ANGRY! 

Passion that changes things comes from the knowledge of injustice.  Anger won't change the orphan crisis, but passion- WHOLE HEARTED, get down and dirty PASSION will!  If we as Christians who know the COST of freedom, who know what SACRIFICE is,

Here is a copied portion of a message I received from 2 fellow adoptive Mothers.  They wrote this when they visited an orphanage where OUR daughter could be.  This is what they saw, let them take you there...

 Hey, everyone-
We (the five families in Ethiopia for court right now) visited KVI orphanage today.
We all walked away with broken hearts, stunned at the reality of life for the
kids there.

They do not have any diapers. Yes, you read that correctly. An orphanage full
of babies and toddlers, and there are no diapers. They have rags and ripped
pieces of sheets that they wrap around their bottoms, and keep them in place with
onesie t-shirts. Every single baby we held today was soaking wet (or worse),
their entire outfit. They lay on the floor, soaking wet, and get changed on the
floor...where they all crawl around and play with the few toys that they have.

In addition, they had no mattresses in many of the cribs. Babies sleeping on a
the wooden bottom of a crib. I don't know that I would have believed it if I
hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

So...we pooled our money and they helped us find a place that sells crib
mattresses. All well and good...except for the fact that they are NOT vinyl
covered mattresses like we get at home. Cloth covers.

So, while it's great that they at least have crib mattresses, they're going to
be ruined in short order with none of the babies having diapers. We've searched
high and low, and cannot find any waterproof crib pads here in Addis.

MANY WATERPROOF CRIB PADS AS POSSIBLE? The best would be the kind that can just
be wiped clean, and if possible have the fitted sheet edges to wrap around. But
anything waterproof will work! Even if they have the cotton top over vinyl, if
we have enough of them at least they can be changed.

The other obvious need is diapers. Even cloth diapers and plastic pants to go
over would work. Just something.

We're finding that yes, the Transition Home is an orphanage. There are still
conditions there that are hard, as parents, to see. But, it's the Hilton of
orphanages. We would just recommend, based on what we saw here today, that you
split your donations up...if you bring one tote/suitcase of donations for the
Transition Home, bring one or two more for KVI and Kids Care orphanage. Just our two cents!
Thanks for the help with crib pads and diapers for KVI!

Hi all,
We are here in Ethiopia for court. We visited 2 orphanages today and one broke our hearts and needs URGENT help!!!! KVI orphanage. There were no crib mattresses in the cribs and no babies had on diapers! Pieces of ripped up Sheets in the place of diapers!!! we were so disturbed that we went out and bought 6 crib mattresses for KVI and delivered them. Problem is they are NOT plastic covered so they will get ruined quickly! Babies are soaking wet because of no diapers. We all bring donations for the Transition Home and yes they need stuff but take as MUCH as possible to KVI!!! Please traveling families try to bring this trip if you can!! these are their urgent needs:
This is the list they gave us:
Bed sheets twin and crib
bath towels and hand towels
blankets for toddlers
clothes for toddlers( a definite)
tooth brushes/toothpaste
kids DVDs
antibiotic creme
PLEASE  tell all traveling soon!!! I am not saying do not give to TH(Transition home) because they take good care of our kids and do so because of our donations but KVI is in major need!!
Paige and all the families in ET right now
HELP US HELP THEM... will you help us? 

If you feel lead to help support our adoption you can do so several ways:
Mostly we need your prayers, so does Aerie.
We could use your words of support and encouragement.

If you feel lead to give monetarily to change the orphans situation above you can do so by choosing the DONATE button on the top of this page.
Adoption is expensive...
but consider the result if we do NOTHING...
the cost of doing nothing is too great.  We must act!
We love you,
The Coopers
(If you would like to know more about adoption please comment on this post and leave me your email address- I LOVE to talk about adoption.)

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02/02/10- Ethiopia adoption application & fee sent.

02/17/10- Accepted into America Worlds Ethiopia Program!

02/20/10- Paid initial AWAA program fee.

Start paper chase...

03/02/10- Ordered our birth certificates.

03/02/10- Spoke w/and chose GLAD as Home-Study Agency.

03/03/10- Got Angi's employeement & life ins. verification.

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03/13/10- Rosie & Sara rabie shots.

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03/25/10- Notary notarized all paperwork we've collected.

03/26/10- Kyla, our social work came for 1st & 2nd home visi

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03/27/10- Finished family photo pages.

03/30/10- Tim rescheduled TB Test until 4/6/10.

03/31/10- Picked up Tim's HEP B test results.

04/02/10- Received Archie's referance letter.

04/06/10- Tim had TB test placed.

04/06/10- Angi got bloodwork records.

04/06/10- Re-did Financial Statement/faxed to AWAA.

04/09/10- Tim's TB test results- negative :)

04/10/10- Completed Hague On-line training course.

04/10/10- Dog vaccines done.

04/20/10- Faxed Florida CPS request to FL today.

05/03/10- Had our physical visits today.

05/26/10- Angi's bloodwork drawn.

05/28/10- Angi's bloodwork result- normal.

05/28/10- Tim's bloodwork drawn & normal result.

06/01/10- Our 14th Annivesary- Renee notarized physicals!

06/07/10- Picked up our physicals & faxed to GLAD/AWAA.

06/07/10- Found out GLAD rec'd FL CPS checks 6/4/10.

06/07/10- Requested Dr. letter for Angi.

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06/10/10- Waiting for AWAA to approve Home Study.

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06/24/10- AWAA approved our Home Study!

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07/01/10- Met Klya/GLAD in Vincennes, got final HomeStdy

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07/09/10- Renee notarized rest of Dossier paperwork.

07/09/10- Sent 2 papers to IN State Dept.for Authentication

07/12/10- Fed-Ex package received at IN State Dept.

07/13/10- We rec'd Authenticated papers in mail!

07/14/10- Rec'd Immigration Fingerprinting appt for 8/9/10

07/23/10- Went early-Immigration/Indy. for fingerprinting.

07/26/10- Called USCIS & left msg for Immigration Officer.

07/29/10- Officer Opfer called, USCIS back-logged 3 weeks.

08/05/10- Rec'd I-171H today!Thanks Officer Opfer-speedy

08/06/10- Renee notarized new MOWA letter & I-171H.

08/06/10- Got Cashier's check to go with Dossier.

Paper chase completed!

08/06/10- Shipped Dossier to AWAA by Fed-Ex.

08/10/10- AWAA received Dossier packet.

08/13/10- AWAA approved Dossier, maybe DTE next Fri?

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08/25/10- Dossier arrived in Ethiopia today!

The WAIT begins...